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Nuffield Southampton Theatres' Connect Department have produced a FREE resource pack for teachers to accompany the Fantastic Mr Fox UK tour. With classroom resources organised to support school visits to the show, the pack offers extension activities and cross curricular connections:-

  • Synopsis
  • Character descriptions
  • Themes
  • Preparing for your visit
  • Discussion points
  • Follow up exercises
  • Useful references




If you're reading Fantastic Mr Fox in the classroom and looking for that lift to your children’s reading skills, this opportunity to involve children beyond the book deeper into the imaginative world of Fantastic Mr Fox, offers considerable enrichment to planned learning.

This story offers more than most to children: what child doesn’t…

  • love outsmarting bullies?
  • relish an underground quest avoiding capture?
  • simply enjoy hearing about extraordinary effort?

More than the all-important connection for children, this story has hundreds of curricular applications which could keep all teachers digging out inspiration for many days after their visit to Fantastic Mr Fox.

Whether you are teaching units of work on “Down on the Farm”, “Healthy Eating”, or “Writing Fictional Worlds” or “Beginning Poetry”, Fantastic Mr Fox has material for you to kick off with: e.g.

  • Creatures that live underground
  • Live-stock farming in the UK
  • Sense of smell and its use by animals in the wild
  • Food hygiene, keeping things fresh & examples of bad diets (the farmers!)
  • Imaginative worlds in fiction
  • Creating characters
  • Responding to performance

To accompany your school's group visit to the theatre to see Fantastic Mr Fox, the production is offering the following:

“Show! How?” Post Show Event

What: exploring Fantastic Mr Fox with school groups immediately following the show. This will explore immediate reactions and curiosity about the show. This event can be tailored in advance to respond to particular requests. The event may involve meeting creatives, actors, watching scene changes, looking more closely at costumes and props, revisiting lighting effects, and having the opportunity to ask questions.
When: post-matinee performances.
How to book: for show ticket holders only - please contact your local theatre to register your interest when booking for the show.
Cost: please contact your local theatre for prices.


Dramatic Character Workshop

For: KS2 (7 – 11 Years)
What: pre- or post- show drama workshop. Demonstrating and teaching children practical techniques used in the show to develop characters.   
Where: run in schools (in gym, school hall or drama space).
Length: 60 – 90 minutes.
Capacity: up to 35 per group.
Fee: of £150 per morning, plus travel and accommodation as required.
How to book: please contact [email protected]